Hi, I am Michael. I graduated from Ad Astra School in Hawthorne, CA and am attending Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, CA.  I am interested in Computer Science, Robotics, Engineering, and Marine Biology. Especially I like Jellyfish!

I am developing Free and Open source Apps. Up-to-date development information is available at my Facebook Group.  I am planning to put all source codes on Github.

My Original App Portfolio

  1. COVID-19 Casemap

  2. YATAI

  3. My Formula

  4. iTrade

1. COVID-19 Casemap: iOS App

We submitted this App to Apple App Store and got this review. If you can publish this App, please contact me at https://www.facebook.com/groups/476354342809838/. Thanks. In the meantime, you can use Web App instead.

Category: Utility for Health Care

Purpose: Find COVID-19 total cases and case rates in cities on the map

Technologies: Swift, Map API, RESTful API, JSON

When I was: 16-17 years old

2. YATAI: Android App

Category: Utility

Purpose: Calculate profits based on items purchased

Technologies: App Inventor 2, Google Cloud Vision API

When I was: 15 years old

YATAI Usage Guide

3. My Formula: iOS App

Download on the App Store


  • The outstanding award (1st place) and Yahoo! JAPAN award in Ibaraki Digital Contents and Software Award 2018.

    Honorable Certificate

  • The best award (1st place) in Shinshu Future Apps Contest Zero 2018 U15 division.

    Honorable Certificate

  • Honorable mention in PCN Children Programming Contest 2018.

Category: Utility for Education, Science, and Engineering

Purpose: Help students, engineers, and scientists to calculate formulas easily

Technologies: Swift, Equation Parser, iPhone Camera ,Google ML Kit for Firebase + Google Cloud Vision API, Custom keyboard

When I was: 14-15 years old

This App stores formulas you frequently use and help to use them easily.  It was released on App Store on 8/15/18. It is a Free App.

a) My Formula has own keyboard to enter mathematical symbols. Here is the instruction to set it up!

b) Here is the user’s guide.

Promotion Video

4. iTrade: iOS App

Category: E-Commerce iOS App

Purpose: made for the school community

Technologies: Swift, MySQL, RESTful API, JSON, Multi Threading

When I was: 13 years old

This App was designed to use in Bazzar at my previous middle school and it requires database server and server-side application. This App is not available for public use. If you are interested in using it at your school, please contact me.