My Formula is submitted to the App Store

I submitted to the app store last night!

My Formula (My Formulas was taken for some reason) will be on the app store soon!

Update: 8/9/18 16:39

I received a reply from App Store Connect. Metadata rejected. They asked me to send demo video and Privacy Policy. They said Privacy Policy is required because My Formula offers keyboard extensions.

Update: 8/9/18 18:49

We submitted an appeal to the App Review Board about Privacy Policy, because my app does not collect any information and send it anywhere. My keyboard is needed to enter mathematical symbols such as the radical sign (√) and pi (π) and all entered data is stored locally.

I also submitted a demo video.

Update: 8/10/18 9:49

Received reply from App Review Board.

Thank you for contacting the App Review Board.

Your appeal has been received and is being evaluated. When the evaluation has been completed, the App Review Board will either contact you directly with the decision, or your app will be approved. In some cases where additional issues are found, those will be communicated to you as well.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Best regards,
App Review Board

Update: 8/14/18 19:20

We got reply from App Review Board and they asked to change product description. So, I did and re-submitted the App.